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    Education Reform

    Education reform is near and dear to the heart of Vincent Personalised Christmas Stockings Orange. Given a chance by a good education, Vincent Orange worked hard to become an accomplished businessman, lawyer and city councilmember. »Read More

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    Fiscal Responsibility

    As Councilmember At-Large, Vincent Orange will tackle the tough financial challenges facing our City. Clearly, he has the financial background and experience to face the tough financial challenges head on. prensa térmica »Read More

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    Government Oversight

    The District of Columbia's unemployment rate is 10.4 percent. However, east of the river, the unemployment rates are double digits and growing. In ward 8 the unemployment rate is 30 percent and in Ward 7 in excess of 20 percent unemployment. These unemployment rates are not only alarming, but also when one realizes that the government of the District of Columbia is funding city projects that require its residents to be hired, it’s disturbing. shoes for all day comfort »Read More

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    One of the biggest challenges facing the District of Columbia is its use of energy. Residents of the nation's capital are very concerned about the rising cost of energy, the rising consumption of energy and the impact of energy use on the environment. » Read More

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